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Early Voting Data is updated everyday around 7 AM. Please check back daily in order to see updated counters.
Track early voters, build custom queries and download customized datasets useful to your campaign. Interested in custom datasets or features to better target your voters? Email us with your requests and/or ideas here. Good Luck!

* Statistical Overview - The report at the top of this link is a demographic breakdown for the entire state. You can further drill into each county by clicking on the name of the county for which you wish to see the summary. Furthermore you can click on any precinct after clicking on a county to get the information for an individual precinct.
* Custom Demographic Performance Tracker - This is a view of the state by county for all early votes to date. Using the Parameters Tool you can create highly customized reports to find powerful early voter information for any individual county.
* Download Early Votes Per County - This is a per county breakdown of everyone who has already cast an early vote for this election. It includes data like name, party, method of voting, address and much more. This allows you to allocate resources prudently and focus on getting your voters to the polls who have not yet voted.
* Custom Data Samples - These are just a few examples of custom data we can gather. They are per request. Email us if you are interested in the samples listed here or if you would like some other custom data set.

All of the data behind these reports is updated each morning around 7AM. In includes the early voting information for every day as it is updated.
Entire State of North Carolina: 293562 accepted ballots.
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